Chic and Modern Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Chic and Modern Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Layered haircuts are practically ideal hairstyles for every woman out there. Few people can manage long hair and those who try; few manage to surpass the genetic length. Some don’t like it as it is cumbersome and see it as a burden.

If you fall into the last category of ladies, layered haircuts are the best solution for your styling needs. You can let your hair grow to the length you want without necessarily experiencing the heaviness that comes with the long hair.

  1. Multi-Layered Mix

This is the ultimate look for the ladies with long hair who needs a silky, sophisticated cut that provides movement. The secret behind this original look is the mixture of layers. Most layers are kept at medium length, and the shorter ones are used to frame the face.

  1. Face Framing Layers

This is one of the elegant layered haircuts for long hair, regardless of the shade or texture. The cut complements the elongated layers with the rest of the braids, but the most important layers are the ones that frame the face.

  1. Long, Medium, And Short Layers

Over the past decades, layers have proven to be an essential ingredient for making the long hair look fabulous. Ask your hairstylist for medium, long or short layers on your entire hair. Applying many layers enhances movement of your hair making the styling easy. You can also give a shot to buns and braids.

  1. Straight and Chic

This will give you a lustrous, chic texture and light long layers and well-feathered trimmings holding the length same. The ultimate goal is to create shape and boost the movement of your hair.

  1. Choppy Dimensional Layers

Many beautiful layered haircuts for long hair involve artistically incorporating various shades. For this haircut, the choppy layers are paired with subtle balayage. Styling is done with beach waves to demarcate the color transition.

  1. Long Hair with Few Layers

The hair tresses in this look are almost unnoticeable as they effortlessly blend. It is an ideal haircut for ladies who don’t want to lose their hair length and likes illusion of layers.

  1. Extended Waves

If the layers are not strong enough, your long hair can look lifeless and cumbersome. Layers show off the texture of long braids in an exceptional way.for styling purposes, there are unlimited ways to bring to lifelong tresses, commencing with seamless, casual beach curls .

  1. Long Layered Ombre Hair

Rock with this style by incorporating both short and long layers, but non-in between. Extreme tresses are suitable for fine hair since they enhance the movement and volume. This is a sure-fire haircut to take your ponytail to a higher level.

5 Sambalpuri Sarees that are trending today

5 Sambalpuri Sarees that are trending today

Sambalpurisaree is one of the varieties in saree that are found in Odisha and hold a special significance. The designs used in these sarees are similar to that of Ikathowever they are slightly more elaborate and make use of the tie and dye technique. The finesse and the luxurious glow of this particular saree make them highly desirable for special occasions.The saree uses one of the oldest handloom techniques that are found in India which is why they are considered to be an important part of the textile evolution in India. As these are available in both cotton and silk fabrics these can be worn in all seasons in India.

If you are looking for some exquisite designs in the Sambalpuri sarees, then you can shop from and get your hands on some amazing pieces at affordable prices. Listed below are the five varieties of Sambalpuri sarees which are gaining high popularity these days. Read more about them:

  1. Pasapali

The Pasapali saree is named after the game of Chess board i.e., Pasapali which was earlier known with this name in the ancient times. The motifs and the designs on this saree resemble the chess board and the weaving is done in a similar manner so that the prints start to appear gradually. The borders of this saree are often decorative with motifs such as flowers, chakras, conch, etc., and along with that the technique of baand hakala is used during the process. The fabric that is used in the saree makes use of silk, cotton, or even the combination of silk and tussar.

  1. Bomkai

The Bomkaisareeoriginated in the village of Bomkai village in Odisha. The speciality of the Bomkaisareeis that it makes use of the two components of Ikat and embroidery which is interwoven with a unique technique. The borders of this saree are often found in contrasting colorsalong with the pallu which is used with intricate threadwork. The motifs that are used in the Bomkaisaree are often inspired from the tribal prints

  1. Barpali

The barpalisaree derives its name from the town name Barpali where it originated and is still made by the families of expert weavers who reside there. The designs used in these saree are similar  to that of the Ikat print which the colours used in the same are either subtle or bright which are often used in contrasting patterns.

  1. Sonepuri

Sonepurisarees were earlier made for the royalty with motifs that signified victory such as fishes, but now several other motifs are used including flowers and geometric designs. Contrast colors are used while making each saree which the pallu area been more elaborate than the rest of the portion.

  1. Bapta

The Baptasaree uses some of the most simplistic designs and are available in a huge variety of color combinations. The uniqueness of this saree lies in the thread work that is done on them especially on the borders that have temple motifs. Just like the other Sambhalpuris varieties, this one too derives its name from the village of Bapta which is located in Odisha. Finest quality of cotton and silk are used making these sarees which are then woven togetherin special weaves.

Well, this was all about the varieties of the Sambalpurisarees that are available in the market today and can be chosen according to the personal preference as all of them are unique in designs and since each of them are different in their own way, you can have them all in your wardrobe.

Unique & Meaningful Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Unique & Meaningful Gift Ideas For Your Husband

What do you do with the gifts when it comes to buying the best gift items for the man in your life? Most of the women have been trying to find the best gifting solution for their men but it seems more difficult to find the perfect gift for men than finding the one for the women.

Well, one thing that you must know is that finding a gift for the husband is not that difficult if you have a proper planning and do some ground works before choosing the gift. Always remember one thing that the more thought you put into the gift, the more your husband will appreciate the gift from his heart.

Make sure that the gift you are choosing is personal to your husband and that’s why you should pay serious attention to his liking and choose the gift accordingly.

Now, this article gives you some of the excellent gift ideas that will definitely spark your creativity and thoughts-

Magazine subscription:

What are the things that interest him the most? Car, sports, body building, lifestyles, travel, architects or anything else- find a magazine that mainly gels with his interest and buys the subscription of that Magazine for your dear hubby.

Beer or wine of the month club:

Does your man like beer or wine? There are many places where you can find beer or wine of the month clubs and buying your husband such beer or wine of the month subscription could be a great idea. Every month, six to eight beer will be shipped to your house so that you can try some exotic beers or wine in the comfort of your home.

A Tutorial:

Think about what your guy is interested in; arts, martial arts, cooking, drawing, playing musical instruments driving etc. Whatever it is, you should buy him a workshop or course to attend. Your husband will appreciate this gift from the deep part of his heart. This gift shows that you have put a real effort to work on his passion and you strongly support it.

A Basket of Love:

Grab a basket and make it filled with the variety of things that your husband really loves. You can fill it with his favorite perfume, shaving kits, chocolates, candies, beer bottles etc. Mix it up and decorate the basket in a heart touching manner so that it can easily catch the attention of your husband.

Ticket To An Event:

Whether it’s a sport or a music concert, most of the guys love such events. You can make it more fun for him by purchasing two tickets or passes for him so that he can take his best-friend.

Give Him A Cake Treat:

Cakes are the most popular dessert. Name a person who doesn’t love cake? It’s almost impossible to find one. How about opting for an online cake delivery from a reputed cake store? He will relish this cake from the core of his heart.


We all know the fact that time is the most valuable thing. Plan a weekend gateway trip with your dear hubby and spend a romantic and cozy time together. This is not only a great gift for your husband but at the same time, it will make the bond stronger between two souls.